Bridal makeup services in Lahore

Tips On How To Plan Your Bridal Makeup?

Wedding hairstyle

Bridal makeup salon in Lahore for a wedding can be simple or complex, with flowers, tiaras, braids or additional strands.

  • To book a date with a popular master for the summer period, you need to make an appointment at least two or even four months before the celebration. Don’t delay this matter.
  • You should not choose a hairdresser only by reviews; we advise you to visit the salon and evaluate the work of a professional.
  • Each bride roughly imagines what hairstyle she wants to shine with for the wedding. Find the options you like on the Internet and show the master. We recommend that you make a couple of trial attempts, which will allow you to choose the best option.
  • At least two weeks before the cherished date, you need to closely monitor the failure: hair masks, proper nutrition, avoidance of alcohol, and regular exposure to fresh air will not be superfluous.
  • Properly selected accessories will complement the hairstyle.
  • In general, the hairstyle should be well-fixed, yet practical, so that you can straighten it without help if necessary.
Wedding Hairstyle

Makeup for the wedding

Wedding bridal makeup in Lahore should be in harmony with the hairstyle, dress and bouquet, and accessories. In addition, the bride will be in the spotlight; the lenses of video and cameras will be directed at her. Regardless of the lighting, it would be best if you came out naturally.

Makeup Tips

  • In general, bridal makeup services should be discreet and durable. Remember, an overabundance of various cosmetics has not yet made anyone beautiful.
  • Eliminate shine. This is done with anti-reflective powder applied to the forehead, nose and chin. For other areas of the face, a moisturizer is used.
  • For girls under 30, it is better to use light natural makeup. We advise older people to stay in monochrome tones.
  • Makeup base should match your natural skin tone as closely as possible.
  • The eyes take Centre stage. You should apply shadows of 3 shades on the eyelids: first light over the entire surface, then medium in the crease, and finally dark for eyeliner.
  • Mascara must be used exclusively waterproof.
  • Use false eyelashes if desired. If your own is not bad, it is better to remain more natural.
makeup Tips
Makeup Tips

Bride’s Bouquet

The wedding bridal makeup in Lahore is an integral and important part of the bride’s image. From traditional or seasonal flowers, florists offer various bouquet options: multi-colored or traditionally white, massive and modest.

  • The color of the bride’s bouquet should match the accessories but not blend in with the dress.
  • Do not choose flowers with a strong scent, as this will create discomfort.
  • Don’t forget about the stand-in bouquet that will be thrown to unmarried girls at your wedding. Here, artificial flowers made of fabric or latex are most often used.
  • It is better to order a wedding bridal makeup in Lahore weeks before the date, but it should be made no earlier than a day before the celebration so that the flowers do not wither during the festivities. Don’t forget to put the flowers in the water upon arrival at the banquet hall (the Pico By team provides a beautiful vase for the bride’s bouquet).

Bridal wedding Services

We do not encourage newlyweds to compete for the right to head during the celebration since this is their common holiday. But it is the bride’s image that is the first brick around which everything else is built.

When you find a bridal makeup artist, It is an impetus to the choice of a suit for the young, the décor of the hall and the zone of the young. The wedding dress should look harmoniously with the outfits of the witnesses; the bouquet should not look “pretentious” against the background of the general floral design. Wedding makeup should not look like a “separate object” but be combined with hair and everything else.

Bridal wedding Services
Bridal wedding Services

Brides need to carefully consider what outfit they will wear, what will be used as accessories, and what will suit them.

Last Words:

When creating a wedding look, do not decide on radical changes. If you are modest and cutie in life, then the image of a socialite will be a shock for guests. Do not decide the celebration format alone – attract the groom, as you may prefer the classic version and your beloved Greek-style – look for a compromise. Only considering the chosen style you can get a beautiful image of the bride.

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