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What Are The Features of Wedding Makeup?

Previously, wedding makeup did not differ much from the usual evening makeup in performance. Some makeup artists could even use regular makeup. Today, the focus is primarily on resilience. An airbrush is often used, plus additional spray fixatives or fixing powders. This approach leads to the fact that makeup lasts all day without problems: from early morning until late evening when the newlyweds and guests go home.

If we talk about trends, bridal makeup is designed to create a delicate and touching image. That is why makeup for the bride is always done in light colors, without bright elements. Nude and translucent, it is designed to create an impression of freshness and lightness. Accents are often done on the eyes, eyelid contour, and eyelashes.

What Should Precede the Wedding Makeup?

It is very important to prepare your skin well for this important day. On the one hand, the bride wants to look her best, so that on this day she is the most beautiful and wants to review wedding photos and videos. On the other hand, long-lasting bridal makeup is a kind of test for the skin. It is worth preparing in advance for the face to endure this day without problems.

It is best to take a course of moisturizing procedures with a beautician. Such care will saturate the skin with moisture, making it radiant and soft. If you wish, you can do several manipulations to level the tone – masks, peels. If you have not done it before and do not yet know how your skin will react and how long it will take to recover. We put off all experiments for later and focused on moisturizing.

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Do I Need to Use a Makeup Base? 

Even if you’ve devoted the entire week before your wedding to self-care, you need to moisturize your skin just before applying makeup. For this, you can use sheet masks or moisturizing patches. They work especially well in combination with a light facial massage. Then you need to apply a regular cream. Most often, we are talking about a moisturizer or matting agent, depending on the bride’s skin type. And then it’s worth applying the base.

The type of makeup base also depends on the characteristics of the skin. It can be a product designed to hide large pores. Or a base, the main task is to mask spots and redness. Regardless, it’s worth remembering that using the right base will add durability to your makeup throughout the day.

Should the Skin Tone Be Radiant or Matte?

Matte or shine – depends on the bride’s preferences, her style, and the image she chose for her wedding.

Matte foundations adhere better to the skin. Applying the foundation with the correct fluffy brush will not emphasize wrinkles, pores, and other relief features of the skin.

A shimmery foundation helps to create a lighter, more delicate look. This is often very important for the bride’s makeup. The luminous textures are not as long-lasting, but in bridal makeup, this can be influenced by using the right combination of makeup base and fixing agent.

Could There Be Two Accents in a Bride’s Makeup?

We are accustomed to the fact that there is only one emphasis on makeup – on the eyes or the lips. But for wedding makeup, this rule does not always work. Emphasis on lips and eyes at the same time is not so rare. You just need to remember that both the eyes and lips are highlighted only slightly in this case. This is not an aggressive evening makeup with bright arrows or dark lipstick.

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The exception is oriental girls. Their naturally striking appearance allows them to add more brightness when choosing makeup for a wedding. In combination with dark eyes, a dark shade of hair, too light shades can look dull and expressionless.

What Are The Trendy Eye Makeup Colors Now?

Wedding makeup is not an area where you should chase fleeting trends. The main trend in wedding makeup is tenderness and freshness. And this is exactly what you should strive for. And specific shades are selected already to the type of the bride’s appearance, eye color, wedding bouquet, and dress color.

Even if you are hosting a wedding in a certain color scheme, you should not get too carried away with this color in your makeup. Let the themed hue show up in your bridal bouquet, and it’s more appropriate than blue eyelid arrows or green nail polish.

What is the main difference between wedding and evening makeup?

The main difference between wedding and evening party makeup is the choice of the palette of cosmetics used. However, today the situation is somewhat different. Increasingly, brides prefer to do extraordinary makeups, themed makeups, or even apply drawings to their faces. Other differences include the specifics of choosing cosmetics for both options, the price of services, etc. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Choice of Cosmetics And Pallete

Bridal makeup should be more durable than evening makeup. After all, the bride will have to spend the whole day with him and take part in the evening. At the same time, weather conditions, the bride’s emotions (tears, laughter), and other factors – dances, kisses, etc., can affect the makeup. The most durable cosmetics that can withstand such tests are used in this case. In addition, it will be useful for the bride to have spare copies of powder and lipstick with her, with which she can touch up her makeup throughout the day.

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Evening makeup does not require such stamina because it only lasts for a few hours. Therefore, you can choose any cosmetic options or even refuse some – for example, do not apply a foundation, but only use a concealer. An exception is a case when evening makeup is done for wedding guests. In this case, he must meet the same requirements as the wedding one.

The differences between the two makeup options lie in the choice of the palette. The most popular bridal makeup option involves light tones – beige or brown eyeshadow, light blush, and pink lipstick. Depending on the skin color and eyes, these shades may vary slightly. But at the same time, the nature of the makeup remains unchanged – tenderness and softness prevail here.


For example, in some cases, for themed wedding ceremonies, the makeup is chosen completely differently. Bright colors, non-standard solutions can be present in it. It all depends on the bride’s imagination.

In the case of evening makeup, the palette of cosmetics is somewhat different. Usually, the emphasis in such makeup is on the eyes – dark shadows or black eyeliner are used. Also, in this case, the lips are often accentuated by using bright or dark lipstick. Evening makeup is not intended to show tenderness and sensuality, like a wedding option. Its main task is to emphasize facial features’ feminine beauty and expressiveness.

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